SCORE Peer Mediation Program

SCORE Peer Mediation Program

SCORE Peer Mediation Program
is a partnership with
Lowell High School, Middlesex Community College, and the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration



Located in the Lowell High School Campus in Room 208B


Mediation is a process where mediators help participants have a conversation in order to solve problems. 

You should know:

  • Mediators are students who have been trained in conflict resolution skills
  • Mediators have taken an oath of confidentiality and can’t share what they’ve learned in mediation sessions
  • Mediators are your peers and are willing to help you
  • Mediation is confidential and voluntary
  • Mediation can sometimes improve your relationship
  • Mediation is a way to solve your problem in a positive way


How do you use the mediation program?

Step 1

Refer yourself or a friend confidentially

Speak to a teacher, other staff member, or housemaster to refer yourself or someone else


Step 2

Speak to the mediation coordinator or mediation intern


Step 3

Decide if you should mediate


Step 4

If all parties are willing, mediation will happen


What situations are mediated?

  • Physical fights
  • Name calling
  • Rumors
  • Threats
  • Stealing
  • Property Damage
  • Relationship problems



Current Mediators
Senior Mediators