Lowell High School Pathways

Lowell High School Pathways

The Lowell High School Pathway Programs are directly connected to the skills and knowledge students need for post-secondary education and careers in some of the fastest growing professions in the world today.


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Our Pathway Programs provide opportunities for all students and their different abilities, interests and talents. Whether a student is planning to work immediately after high school, or will continue learning by attending a training program, a technical institute, a college or university, there are courses in our Pathway Programs that are right for every student.




  • Air Force Junior ROTC
  • Business Marketing & Finance
  • Communications
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Fine Arts
  • Health & Bioscience
  • Public Service & Civic Engagement


Our Pathway Programs use an applied, hands-on/minds-on approach to learning that is connected to real-world work experiences. Students in these programs have access to some unique facilities including: a newly renovated restaurant, the J’eanne D’Arc Credit Union, the 1826 School Store, an in-house television/media center and state-of-the-art computer and robotics equipment. We also partner with local employers as we grow our externships/internship programs providing students an opportunity to apply the classroom skills to intern positions in the workplace.


Benefits of the Pathway Programs include:


  • Courses tailored to a specific area of study, with a strong career focus.
  • Teachers with industry experience as well as educational certifications.
  • Skill-building around career trajectories and paths of study.
  • Opportunities for students, parents, teachers and community members to be partners in the educational process.
  • Internships/externships within the community and Dual-Enrollment opportunities with UML and Middlesex Community College.
  • Opportunities for independent learning and research.