Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Lane Caution: Unauthorized parking in fire lanes at schools is a violation of law. Vehicles parked in fire lanes are subject to the issuance of a fire lane summons/ticket.


Arrival: Students being driven to school may be dropped off at our starting time of 8:30. Parents providing transportation should drop students off in the parking lot in front of the school where a monitor will be waiting to escort students across the parking lot. Please do not drop kids off anywhere else, as this is a safety issue for both students and parents leaving school grounds. Please remind students not to exit the car until they are directly in front of the monitor. Parents please understand that this is a single file car line and do not to attempt to pass other cars unloading children. This could create a terrible accident--please be patient!


Dismissal:  Our instructional day ends at 3:11. Please do not plan to pick up students until dismissal time. We value the instructional day and do not want to interrupt class instruction to request a student to come to the office. If you plan to pick up your child, please go to the gym and sign out your child after our buses depart at approximately 3:20. This will provide a safer, more efficient dismissal.


Dismissal Procedures for “The Everyday Walkers and Car Riders”:  Walkers will enter the gym and sit down behind their street name. After buses leave, students will walk outside the main entrance and across the crosswalk to the crossing guard.
Car riders will enter the gym and take a number that has been assigned. Parents will have a corresponding number that can be displayed on the dash of their car. After the buses leave, parents are asked to pull around to the front of the building and stop at the first door (primary entrance) where riders will meet them. Please have ID ready to show for the first few days. (Even if you are not new to Mt. Vernon, we do have a number of new staff members who may not know you). After the first few days, we will request that parents show their numbers, and students will be escorted to the car. Please keep in mind that we must maintain a safe speed in front of the school, and we ask for your patience. Again, do not pass vehicles as this has the potential to create a safety concern.


Medication:  If a student has medicine (prescription or over the counter) to be taken during the school day, it must be in the original container with the label intact and will only be accepted in the clinic from a parent or designated adult. Students are not permitted to transport medicine on the bus. A signed parental permission form must be completed for medication to be given at school. If you have any questions, please contact our nurse, Mrs. Clark at 898-0347.


Lunch: The price for lunch is $2.00 and breakfast is $0.95. You can prepay lunches and ala cart on weekly or monthly basis. Please remind your children to use good table manners and to follow the rules while eating their lunch in the cafeteria. Eating lunch with their classmates should be an enjoyable break in the day. We encourage conversation and positive social interaction. If you have questions, please contact Ms. K. Hill at 867-7457.


Visitors: All visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge while in the building. The County has adopted a new policy this year requiring background checks for non-parent volunteers. More information will be coming home regarding this policy.

Y-Line: If you have not signed up please sign up for the Y-Line. All YCSD and Mount Vernon updates and important information will be automatically emailed to you. To sign up, please log on to www.yorkcountyschools.org and click on the icon labeled YCSD Y-Line, enter your email address and click on submit. Complete all of the required information on the next page that appears and click on subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Voicemail and Email: Please understand that during the instructional day we value instruction time and teachers do not have time in their schedules for an immediate response. The staff has been instructed to respond in a 24-hour period. Please remember that if a teacher is absent, it may be a couple of days before they can respond. If you have an emergency or an immediate need you should contact the office at either 898-0480 or 898-0497.

Resource Classes: Students will have resource classes everyday. (PE, Art, Library, Music and the schedule will repeat) Please make sure your child has tennis shoes each day at school. We have had so many falls and accidents with students wearing inappropriate shoes outside for either recess or PE.