About Us

About Us

Mark Kirk, principal


Magruder Elementary School is a place where children and adults are viewed as continually developing.  We believe that oral language underlies all literacy learning, and that children learn by constructing meaning.  Children actively explore reading, writing, speaking, and problem solving.  Project based learning allows children to construct meaning by doing work that encourages inquiry, gathering data, eliciting feedback, and revision. 


Respect, responsibility, and collaboration are targeted as skills to be developed and demonstrated by the Magruder Elementary School community. A safe, caring, and supportive environment is valued.


Parent/school communication is a priority at Magruder Elementary School.  Parents are viewed as partners with the school in assisting children in becoming lifelong learners.  Parents and teachers work together toward making Magruder a child-centered environment where everyone experiences success and is respected as a unique individual.


Mascot: Panther Cubs


Bruton Zone Schools:  Magruder Elementary

                                 Waller Mill Elementary

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