FifthGraders Explore the Rich History of the Village of Irvington

Fifth-Graders Explore the Rich History of the Village of Irvington

As an extension to their Hudson River study, Main Street School fifth-graders visited the Irvington Historical Society on Dec. 8. Guided by local historian Bob Connick and former Irvington High School principal Scott Mosenthal, the students continued to discover how the Hudson River helped shape the Village of Irvington and influenced the history of the river community.

“The students were asked to reflect on why it’s so special to be living in Irvington,” said Julie Rostkowski, a fifth-grade teacher and team leader. “It’s no surprise that the students shared that they value the small-town community they live in and they love the fact that everyone knows each other.”

During their visit, the students examined artifacts, which were located on the upstairs level of the museum. “A favorite artifact was…Washington Irving’s attire,” Rostkowski said.

The fifth-graders completed a scavenger hunt to find answers to questions regarding the history of Irvington. They learned about the first steamboats to sail the Hudson River, the seven large estates that shaped their community and the industries that put Irvington on the map.

“The Irvington Historical Society graciously invited all of our students to come back again in the future to spend more time exploring the rich culture of Irvington,” Rostkowski said.