FifthGraders Set Sail on the Floating Classroom

Fifth-Graders Set Sail on the Floating Classroom

As a culmination to their Hudson River study, Main Street School fifth-graders experienced the natural resource firsthand when they set sail aboard the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, thanks to a grant from the Irvington Education Foundation.

During their voyage on the floating classroom, the students raised the sails, navigated the boat, visited learning stations to examine river life, performed water quality tests, and studied plankton and other invertebrate life under field magnification.

“This is a uniquely powerful platform for students to learn about the Hudson River’s natural wonders and cultural significance,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “The inquiry-based learning activities are hands-on and relevant, and connect to our future science unit on ecosystems.”

According to its website, the nonprofit Hudson River Sloop Clearwater works to provide innovative environmental educational programs, advocacy, and celebrations designed to expand one’s experience, awareness and stewardship of the natural resource.

“Thanks to the Irvington Education Foundation for the funding to make this experience a reality for us,” Chapnick said.