FourthGraders Solve Math Puzzles with Breakout Games

Fourth-Graders Solve Math Puzzles with Breakout Games

Fourth-graders at Main Street School recently broke away from traditional learning to solve puzzles in their classrooms. Using the puzzle-like systems, called Breakout EDU, the students worked together and applied their math skills to open a box, which was secured with different types of locks.


Breakout EDU, which is an immersive-learning games platform, is a unique collection of resettable locks, boxes and items that can be used to play a variety of games. Topics can include math, science, history, English language arts and team building.


“Our fourth-graders used their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and math skills to find and decipher place value clues,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “The clues led to math problems whose answers could then be used to open the locks on the Breakout box.”


Chapnick said the students successfully solved problems and worked together toward a common goal.


“Thanks to our instructional math coach Christine Rosner for partnering with the fourth grade teachers to make this experience happen for our students,” Chapnick said.