FourthGraders Travel Back to Colonial Times

Fourth-Graders Travel Back to Colonial Times

Donning traditional period clothing, complete with ruffled shirts, hats and bonnets, fourth-grade students stepped back in time to the 1600s to bring their learning to life. They engaged in hands-on activities during the annual Colonial Day celebration on March 2 and gained a different perspective on how people lived.


Some of the activities they participated in were tinsmithing, churning butter, writing with quill pens and ink, and playing Colonial games and instruments. During hands-on workshops with Linda Russell, a musician who brings history to life through stories and song, the students learned about the different period instruments, including a dulcimer. Russell’s visit was generously funded by the PSTA.


“My favorite part was quill and ink because it’s fun to see how the Colonial children had to write back then,” fourth-grader Emma Silverman said. “It was fun and it was a little hard because you can’t erase it if you make a mistake. I don’t get how they made the Declaration of Independence without making a mistake.”


As part of the fourth-grade curriculum, teachers prepared their students for the celebration by teaching them the history, customs and leisure activities of Colonial times. Teacher Diane Watkinson said Colonial Day was a great, authentic learning experience because the students brought their learning to life. They also had an opportunity to understand how the hardships we have today were different from the hardships people faced during Colonial times.


The event was made possible thanks to the support of teachers and parent volunteers at every station throughout the day.