Main Street School Stands Up Against Bullying on Unity Day

Main Street School Stands Up Against Bullying on Unity Day

Main Street School students and staff members celebrated Unity Day, the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month, by uniting against bullying and wearing orange shirts to show their support on Oct. 25.


As part of the campaign that unites communities around the world each October, the students and staff helped raise awareness about bullying prevention. It was also an opportunity for them to celebrate the friendships they’ve fostered within their school community.


“We strive for a kind, respectful and inclusive environment at Main Street School,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “It is our hope that our daily efforts to embed character building as well as our special events related to character building will foster a positive environment in which children can learn.”


Throughout October, the students participated in the “Be a Friend Project,” which brings peer support to young victims of bullying through deliveries of letters of hope. In their letters, Main Street School students let young bullying victims know that they matter and they are not alone.


“Our students wrote cards to show off their kindness, flex their empathy muscles and make a difference,” Chapnick said.


In addition, thanks to the generous support of the Irvington Education Foundation, the students saw the family musical “It’s Easy! The Friend Strong Musical” at the Irvington Town Hall Theater on Oct. 4. They discussed the musical’s main message about the power of friendship and standing up against bullying.