Students Lead Waste Reduction Program at Main Street School

Students Lead Waste Reduction Program at Main Street School

Members of the Environmental Club at Main Street School are doing their part in reducing waste by educating their peers about the importance of recycling. During a schoolwide presentation on Jan. 12, they shared ideas on what they can do in their school and beyond to help care for the environment.


“The entire school listened in and participated,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “We are so fortunate to have such dedicated and passionate students leading our work around recycling and other environmental issues.”

As part of the presentation, the students led their peers in games, quizzes and a puzzle competition to further test their knowledge about recycling, encourage them to be sustainable global citizens and introduce solutions for reducing waste. They also discussed the benefits of using reusable water bottles and recyclable lunch containers, and taking shorter showers and turning off the water when not in use. They suggested reducing food scrap waste by using a compost bin, and recycling all plastic, glass, metal and paper at home and in school.


Students are working with their principal, community members and school members to create a waste reduction plan. They have already successfully accomplished their goal of reducing waste by 10-20 percent in their classrooms, hallways and cafeteria during the first year of the new waste reduction program.


“They have so much to be proud of in their work,” Chapnick said. “The Environmental Club has lead the efforts in reducing and separating waste in the cafeteria, classrooms, offices and hallways.”


In each classroom, hallway and office, there are three recycling bins – one for paper recycling, one for commingled recycling and another one for trash. Meanwhile, there are four bins in the cafeteria – liquid, commingled, trash and compost bin.


Led by fifth-grade teacher Giulietta Cangelosi, members of the Environmental Club are Luke Armogan, Gabby Brenner, Shalin Chang, Allie Cloutman, Charlotte Fuchs, Minori Furtado, Jesse Gelman, Marlo Gordon, Rayna Gupta, Nicola Paul, Jeneva Preval, Jack Reichgott, Maggie Ho Tai and Sam Toeman.


Special thanks to Jessica Munzel, a parent volunteer, for working closely with the students and staff to implement the recycling program; and MSS custodians Angel Aviles, Alan Castiello, Jose Fermin and Louis Ferraro for supporting the initiative.