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School Closings/Delays Information


There are no School Closings/Delays at this time. Please check back later. 


Note: Mars Area School District sends out phone/e-mail messages regarding school closings/delays to all

District parents and staff members via the District's telephone/e-mail notification system. Any parent(s) who does not

receive a phone call/e-mail regarding school closings/delays should contact their child's school building directly.


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding School Closing/Delays, click here.



Inclement Weather & School Closing Decisions


Sometimes it is necessary to delay the start of classes or to close school for a day because of inclement weather conditions. The safety of our students as they ride our school buses and drive to school is always the most important factor in any decision. Sometimes a weather advisory from the National Weather Service gives advance notice of severe weather conditions that might affect the next school day, but no decision is made until the morning hours before our schools would open.


Regardless of weather forecasts during the evening news, parents may find closing or delay information via the following resources:


  • The District's website:
  • Emergency Telephone & E-mail Notification System
  • The District's Community Information Line for School Closings/Delays: (724) 625-1581, press 9
  • Radio & TV Announcements: KDKA-1020 Radio and TV, WTAE-TV and Radio, WPXI-TV, WBUT/LER Radio (Butler) and WISR Radio (Butler)


Telephone/E-mail Notification System


Mars Area School District's is utilizing and telephone/e-mail notification system to enhance the District's ability to communicate with our students, parents, faculty and staff. The system enables the District to contact parents and staff members with information about student absenteeism, school closings/delays and school emergencies. For more information, click here.





    Through a partnership with WeatherBug and KDKA-TV, Mars Area Centennial School is a Tracking Station for live weather conditions. For up-to-the-minute WeatherBug coverage, click here.