Independent Volunteers

Independent Volunteers

Independent Volunteers are defined as those who:


  1. Work under the general direction and supervision of any District employee; and

  2. Provide direct services to students or may, from time to time, have or may be reasonably expected to have unsupervised contact with students.



  • Parents/guardians who volunteer at School-Affiliated Organization (SAO)-sponsored activities within school buildings


  • Library/Classroom Volunteers


  • PTO Building Volunteers


  • Individuals who help to manage, officiate and/or perform functions at an athletic event or extracurricular activity


  • Volunteer Tutors


  • Field Trip Chaperones


  • Volunteer who provide counseling and/or health-related services to students.




Parents/guardians interested in serving as Independent Volunteers must:


  1. Complete a District Volunteer Application (available at each school and the District’s Administration Office or online at

  2. Obtain the following clearances:


Note: The cost of obtaining the required clearances is the responsibility of the volunteer. Act 34 and Act 151 clearances should be free for individuals serving as volunteers. The completed Volunteer Application and copies of all listed clearances must be submitted to the Building Principal a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the first date of volunteering. All non-student volunteers must be age 21 or older.


Mars Area School District will accept valid clearances dated NO LATER than Jan. 1, 2016.  Any clearance report dated prior to Jan. 1, 2016, will not be accepted by the District. All clearances are only valid for five (5) years from the date listed on the clearance report, not the date that a volunteer submits his/her application to the District. Approved volunteers are required to resubmit valid clearances annually.


Questions regarding how to obtain clearances may be directed to Mrs. Lori Kennedy, MASD Personnel Administrator, at (724) 625-1518, ext. 1512, or


Mars Area School Board must approve all prospective Independent Volunteers before volunteering can begin. Once the Volunteer Application and copies of all clearances are submitted to the Building Principal, all clearances will be verified and the names of those who have met all District requirements will be placed on the next available Board agenda for consideration by the Board. 


All Board-approved Independent Volunteers will be placed on an “Approved Independent Volunteers List” that will be provided to the Building Principal. Only approved Independent Volunteers are permitted perform the duties of their position as outlined in District Policy 916 Volunteers or as prescribed by the Building Principal.