CES 5th Grade GT

CES 5th Grade GT
Picture representing CES 5th Grade GT

Welcome back to Marshall County’s Gifted and Talented Program! We are looking forward to an exciting year as your child participates in extended and differentiated studies throughout the content areas. I will be collaborating with your child’s teachers in order to help provide lessons and activities to challenge your child in their area(s) of giftedness.


Your child will again have the opportunity to participate in our GT Academies, which is the pull-out portion of our GT services. This is a service implemented to meet the special needs of our GT population. Each GT Academy will last one week. Your child will attend one week during the fall semester and one week during the spring semester. Students will arrive at their home schools at their regular time. A bus will pick up the GT students from their home school and take them to Calvert City Elementary School where I will be waiting. Your child will have lunch at CCE (the cost will be charged to your child’s school account) or your child can bring their lunch. The bus will take your child back to their home school by 2:30. Our schedule will be adjusted accordingly to any early release days.


Students participating in 5th grade GT Academy investigate left/right brain dominance and their area(s) of giftedness. We discuss social, emotional, and academic issues as they relate to gifted students. Although the academic focus of GT Academy is Social Studies, students will use Language Arts skills to research and communicate and utilize Creativity and Leadership skills during activities. Math in Focus is taught every day at GT Academy in order for students to remain current with math classroom instruction. Students are free to express their understanding using Creativity, Visual/Performing Arts, and Language Arts skills. All GT Academy lessons are accelerated to an 8th grade level and are differentiated to meet the varied gifts of the participants.


Children are not required to make up classroom work that is missed during their academy week. It would be wise to read through any lessons they are missing and they are expected to keep up with Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math. They will not have homework from the academy, but will be expected to participate in all lessons and complete all activities.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me atTatiana.Adams@Marshall.kyschools.us , or post your question at this website. Thank you for your support of the GT Program. I look forward to working with your child in the 5th grade and upcoming years!


Please click on the documents listed below to view objectives, lessons, and activities conducted at the 5th Grade GT Academies.