5th Grade GT Academies Completed

5th Grade GT Academies Completed
All 5th Grade GT Academies are complete as of Friday, March 11th. I sincerely hope your children were challenged as they analyzed, evaluated, and critiqued topics and issues that they normally do not address. Some examples of daily undertakings for the areas of giftedness are as follows:
General Intellect: Critical and creative thinking skills/Problem solving
Language Arts: Research and writing
Math: Creative math problem solving
Science: Crime scene investigation
Social Studies: The Constitution and Three Branches of Government Simile
Creativity: Daily morning creativity activities
Leadership: Leadership roles throughout the week
Visual/Performing Arts: Music/Drawing activities, skits
All students participated in the activities in order to experience challenges in all areas of giftedness. This also allowed me to observe and gather evidence for possibly adding areas of giftedness to the identified gifted learners.
I hope your children shared their experiences with you. They had some difficult tasks to complete with some of the students struggling with creative math problems, drawing, lifting fingerprints, or “Who gets the transplant?”. A few of the children struggled with activities involving ambiguity when they had to make decisions and justify them without there being a correct or incorrect answer. We had many interesting conversations and they excelled at reaching logical conclusions along with defending their thought processes and results. We focused on effective communication, collaboration, presentations, and research skills as well.