Homebound Instruction

Homebound Instruction

What is Homebound instruction and who is it designed for?


Home Instruction (homebound) is short-term instruction provided in a home or other designated site for a student who is temporarily unable to attend school. According to state guidelines, two hours of home instruction each week is the equivalent to one full week of school attendance. Home instruction is not designed to take the place of a more appropriate school placement.


What are the requirements for receiving Homebound Instruction?


It shall be determined that a child or youth is to be provided home/hospital instruction if the condition of the child or youth prevents or renders inadvisable attendance at school as verified by signed professional statement in accordance with KRS 159.030 (2) and 704 KAR 7:120.  Students must be absent over six days to be considered for Homebound instruction.


Where do I get an Application?


You may pick an application up at the Board of Education Office or click on the Home Hospital Application link and print.


Who Fills out the Application?


There are  pieces of paperwork that must be filled out by the health professional

An application is to be filled out by the authorized medical or medical health professional stating that the student is unable to attend school at this time due to health concerns, and that they  support Home/Hospital.  They must supply information about the student’s condition and why  they are unable to attend school at this time. They must include how long they have been seeing the patient for the diagnosis listed and give an approximate length of time student will need Home/Hospital Instruction.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities


The parents/guardians also have a responsibility when the student goes on homebound instruction.

  • A responsible adult must be present in the home/hospital room during the time the Home/Hospital Teacher is present.
  • The Home/Hospital Teacher meets with the student a minimum of one hour on two (2) school days per week for individualized instruction. Absences are unexcused unless pre-arranged and the time rescheduled with the Home/Hospital Teacher during that same week.
  • A student with a communicable disease, as verified by a health professional, shall be eligible for the Home/Hospital Instruction Program. However, should the student’s condition pose a serious health threat to the Home/Hospital Teacher, the student may receive alternate instruction such as correspondence, computer-assisted instruction, or video during the period of contagion.
  • Please check with your child regarding completion of required daily assignments in order to be ready for instruction at the next designated time.
  • Please provide a suitable work-study area where student and teacher can work with no interruption (for example: CD, tape player, and TV turned off). The area should be clean, neat, and free from household traffic.
  • Other children, visitors, or pets should be kept out of the room so that the teacher will have the student’s full attention.
  • Arrange for the child to have sufficient rest and to be ready for work when the teacher arrives at the home.
  • Complete the Application for Home/Hospital Instruction, including release of medical information to school officials.
  • In addition to the scheduled weekly home/hospital instruction, the student will work independently to complete assignments.


The Parent Agreement Letter must be signed and given to Mrs. Williamson along with the application.


What Happens Next?


Once all the necessary paper work has been completed, it is given to Mrs.Williamson, DPP at the Board of Education Office.  There it will be reviewed and the doctor contacted for verification.  Mrs. Wiliamson will then send the notification of a new student to Mrs. Riggs.

Mrs. Riggs will gather the student's and schedule from Infinite Campus and call the parents to set up a time to make the home visit.  She will e-mail teachers to get the assignments and due dates of each one.  She usually visits the student for the first time two days after the initial parent contact.  This allows teachers time to get the assignments to her.  The principal or a designee and attendance personnel will also receive the e-mail so that they are aware of the students who are on homebound.


Who do I Contact?


          Ledonia Williamson, DPP  


                        527-8628             FAX   527-0804


        Brian Collier, Home Bound Instructor

           Brian.Collier@marshall.kyschools.us       (270)