Picture representing PBIS


McCluer High School is a proud recipient of PBIS awards and recognition over the past 5 school years.  Most recently being recognized by the Department of Secondary Education as a Silver Award winner for the 2013 - 2014 school year and for the second year in a row! In addition to the two previous school years McCluer High School has won 3 bronze awards.


McCluer High School began a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) Program in 2009-10.  PBIS is a research-validated, effective practice shown to result in positive, school-wide systems change.  In Missouri and throughout the nation, school districts that are implementing PBIS with fidelity have demonstrated significant gains in improved behavior, academic achievement, and supports for all students in all settings.  Currently, approximately 100 St. Louis County schools in 20 local districts participate in the PBIS initiative and more than 400 participating schools state-wide.    


School-wide PBIS is a district’s or school’s process of designing safe, supportive, and predictable learning environments, teaching and encouraging expected social and behavioral skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning.


School-wide PBIS provides a framework and process to:

  • Develop a culture and climate more likely to increase the social and behavioral skills for all students.
  • Decrease the likelihood of inappropriate social and behavioral incidents for all students.
  • Intervene effectively when inappropriate social and behavioral incidents persist.


A team of teachers were trained in PBIS over the summer of 2009.  McCluer’s PBIS team reviewed discipline data and developed a school-wide expectations matrix