School Board and District Level Staff Members

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Joe Herren, Board Vice President
Joe Herren, President

Jeff Owyoung, Board Member
Jeff Owyoung, Vice President

Katie Daniels, Board Secretary
Katie Daniel, Secretarey
William Campbell, Board President
William Campbell
Judy Lattimore, Board Member
Judy Lattimore (Not Pictured)
Clarke Pugh, Board Member
Clarke Pugh


Toby Young, Board Member

Toby Young



District Staff

Thomas Gathen, District Superintendent
Thomas Gathen, Superintendent

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Linda Tullos, Federal Programs / Curriculum Coordinator

Patricia Allen, District Bookkeeper, Office Manager
Rebecca McCallie, Assistant Bookkeeper
Jennifer Newhouse, District Admin. Secretary
Kem Christmas, District Secretary, HR
Cindy Grimes, Special Education Director
Debbi Minchew, Technology Coordinator / Director

Wes Minchew, IT Systems Manager, ISO
Steve Sandage, Maintenance and Transportation Supervisor
LaSandra Shaw, Food Service Director
James Devine, Transportation Manager

School Principals
Derrell Thompson, High School Principal
Jerome Pace, Asst. High School Principal

Marcus Haddock, High School Dean of Students, Athletic Director
Grenda Campbell, Asst. Junior High Principal
Twilla Hardin, Elementary Building Principal
Kathy Henderson, Elementary Principal, ALE
Paul Prosser, Elementary Principal