General Information

General Information
General Information regarding how the funds will be used

To repair/renovate each school of the McKinleyville Union School District to provide students with a safe, healthy, energy efficient and productive learning environment.

What will the bond money be used for?

  • Repair or replace leaking and aging roofs at all three schools
  • Increase energy efficiency by replacing outdated windows with high efficiency windows at all schools
  • Replace oudated boilers at schools with furnaces that are energy efficient
  • Replace and improve outdated plumbing and water systems at all schools
  • Replace existing fences with higher fences at school perimeters to increase student safety
  • Increase safety at all schools by installing public address systems
  • Provide and improve access for emergency vehicles
  • Improve technology by providing increased access to the internet
  • Renovate 6-8 grade science classrooms
  • Repair or replace existing restrooms at all schools and bring them up to current safety and accessibility codes
  • Repair, renovate and expand library and computer labs at all schools
  • Repair and renovate the multi-purpose rooms at all schools
  • Renovate and repair outside fields at each school to increase safety for students and community
  • Purchase and install safe play equipment at all schools
  • Construct valuable joint-use facilities for the entire community to use and enjoy