McNair Awards 201718

McNair Awards 2017-18



Science Fair (Brevard Intracoastal)

First Place, Engineering and Best of Show:  Kai A.


Mitchell W3rd Place, Earth and Environment

Jillian S. 4th Place, Biomedical

Caleb D. 4th Place, Physics

Kiley D.  4th Place,  Earth and Environment

Jasmine B, 4th Place, Environmental Engineering

Jennifer F., 4th Place, Earth and Environment

Stephen H., Special Award for Combatting Water Pollution


The Arts


 State Thespians Festival

Superior Rating:  Jasmine C.,  Kaylee F., and Brooke T. Kayla H., and Kylee R.

Excellent Rating: Sarah R., Kaleigh C., Jasmine C., Jasmine H., Megan W., Emily P, Kylee R., Christal S. Addie S., 


Brevard Drama Fest

Best of Show winner in 4 categories and Runner Up in 2 .


Best of Show:                                                                    

Emily P., Kayelee F., Alex, G., Brooke T., Jasmine, C., Jasmine H., Megan W. Jeff G., Semaj B.                            

Best of Show Runner Up: Alex G. and Jasmine C 


Superior Ratings:

Emily P., Azriel A,  Jones, Kaylee F., Thomas, Jasmine C., Aliyah J., Jasmine A., Megan W.,  Sarah R., Kylee R., Crystal S., Addie S., Kayla H., Makayla B., Semaj B., Kayleigh C., Ophelia G., Madison M., Olivia P.,  Aryah M., Sami M., Mary P., Kira P., Lauryn S., Semaj B., Jeff G., Deanna J., Brooke T. Alex G.

Excellent Ratings:

Erek D., Makayla F., Emily P., Azriel A., Aryah M., Kira P., Lauryn S., Sami M., Alex G., Mary P., Kayla H.


Band MPA

Superior Ratings:

Jacob P, Destin C-J, Alyssa B., Megan D., Brianna L., Micahel S., Aaron M

Excellent Ratings:

Abby B., Kaia B., 

Good Rating:

Hallie B.