Hours Staff and Policies

Hours, Staff, and Policies


Media Specialist: Mrs. Julie Wales

Media Assistant: Mrs. Lynn Millard


Media Center Hours: 8:45 - 4:30 PM



  • Maximum Book Checkout: 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction
  • Overdue Fines: 10 cents per school day
  • Lost/Damaged Books: replacement cost + $1.00 processing


Computer Policies


  • Students who violate the school's computer policies will lose their computer privileges:
    • First Offense: 2 Weeks
    • Second Offense: 1 Month
    • Third Offense: Balance of the  Semester or School Year
    • For accessing offensive content: immediate referral, suspension from school, and loss of computer privileges
  • Use the Internet only for School-Related projects or assignments.
  • Printing costs 10 centers per page and must be school-related.
  • NEVER download anything from the Internet without permission.
  • NEVER change the settings on any school computer without permission.
  • For Brevard's Acceptable Use Policy for computers and Internet use, click here.