Media Center

Media Center
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We are open from 7:45am to 3:45pm.
Feel free to come in to use our printer.  Printing costs only $.10 a page.
The Media Center Lobby has 8 computers with Microsoft Office installed designated for student use.  You may work on or print your school projects here.  Although you may bring your files on a USB drive, it is strongly recommended that you use your school-provided GoogleDrive account for storing and editing all files.  
**PLEASE remember that school-owned computers are for official, class-related use only. Games, "recreational" web-surfing, etc. are an inappropriate use of this resource.  You may be subject to disciplinary action if you abuse this resource, in accordance with BCPS policy.
"Not only do we circulate books, we circulate ideas."
We welcome students at any time throughout the day, but please come with a pass from a teacher, specifying the date and time that you are entering the library.
You may also come in before or after school and during your lunchtime without a pass.