Locker Information

Locker Information

Locker Locations:




1 - 582

Bldg 8 Downstairs

583 - 1089

Bldg 8 Upstairs

1090 - 1398

Bldg 9

1399 - 1686

Bldg 1 Downstairs

1687 - 1965

Bldg 1 Upstairs

1966 - 2475

Bldg 10

2476 - 2595

Bldg 7 Downstairs

2596 - 2736

Bldg 7 Upstairs



To open locks:


Turn the dial RIGHT two or more complete turns to the first number.

Then, turn LEFT one complete turn, past the first number to the second number.

Finally, turn RIGHT to the third number and pull shackle down to open. 


*Ask a nearby teacher for help if you can't get it.  It takes a little practice. :) 




Lost/Forgotten Combinations:

As of right now, Mrs. Conlon am the only one who can help students with this info.  Students should come to her office in the back of the media center (before/after school and at lunch) and she’ll help them.  




Students in need of a locker or need to change lockers:

See Mrs. Conon before or after school or during lunch—do not come during your classes for this.  The locker rental fee is $2. 




Other Issues?

Email Mrs. Conlon at