Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Center
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The Merritt Island Performing Arts Center was constructed in 1995 to serve Brevard Public Schools and the community. It is a full performance venue that has 710 permanent seats and a total capacity for 750. The hall is available for rental to county schools and the public.


Booking Details: The Center may be rented to any school organization or the community. The crew consists of mixed professional/student technicians. All crew members are paid employees. We offer special rates to schools and school board organizations. Please call the auditorium manager at (321) 454-1018 to check available dates and for contract and pricing. Try to book as close to the beginning of the school year as possible! We fill up fast!


The Center is equipped with and sound equipment state-of-the-art lighting and a suitable complement of equipment for a hall its size. While the stage was designed for theatrical performances and music concerts, it is capable of holding any type of production.


The proscenium measures 40’ wide by 30’ high and the stage is 30’ deep. An extra 8’ depth can be added by raising the hydraulic orchestra pit to stage level. The seating is laid out in a standard three-section design with two center aisles. The majority of the seating is in the Grand Tier, which is not raised like a balcony but merely separated from the orchestra section by a center decorative wall. For detailed technical specifications please see the Technical Information page.


The Center has state of the art technical systems included. It has a fully operational ticket booth and lobby, with connections for intercom, microphone and speaker as well as CCTV included.