Week of September 7

Week of September 7
So, tomorrow, we're watching Ponyo, and next Thursday we're watching Spirited Away.
If anyone is interested in creating a float for homecoming, talk to Mrs. Monroe tomorrow.
Ummmmm, and I think that's it.
Questions, comments, concerns, email me in a different email.
And respond when you get this email, in a different email as well, please and thank you. ^^
Alright, yes, I know, I'm a lazy git that was supposed to send this email Friday and has been procrastinating crazily. I apologize. 
But I'm sending it now.
We will be meeting on early release Wednesdays, and any Thursday that isn't preceded by one such Wednesday.
Studio Ghibli movies for the next two weeks. Please choose your top movie from the following list, the one with the top vote will be played tomorrow.
Spirited Away 
The Cat Returns
Kiki's Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
Grave of the Fireflies
Castle in the Sky
Whisper of the Heart
The Secret World of Arietty
Grave of the Fireflies
Please bring lists of both anime you have watched and anime you would like to watch in the anime club. Keep it school appropriate, pleased.