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DonorsChoose - All Donations MATCHED for 1st 7 days!

Hello Mustang Artists and Families of Mustang Artists!


I recently started a Donors Choose project to try to get an iPad for the art classroom. The students could use this to take reference photos, edit/adjust/crop photos, look up reference images online, use drawing apps and more! is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students. School teachers can post classroom project request on the Donors Choose site, and people can donate any amount to the projects they chose. When a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose ships the materials directly to the school.


I was just notified that our project qualifies for the SPARK match: For the next 7 days, when someone donates to our project and enters the code SPARK, will match their donation dollar for dollar up to $100!!!!


If you or anyone you know is interested in helping the art students achieve their goal of getting a classroom iPad, please check out our Donors Choose page. Be sure to enter the code SPARK on the payment page and your generous donation will be matched!!


Click here to visit our page  --> Mrs. Rensing's art classroom Donors Choose project


Thank you for your consideration and support!

-Mrs. Rensing and the art students of MIHS