Picture representing Drama/Theatre

About the Program

The MIHS Theatre Arts Department puts on at least two full shows every school year. Usually, a straight-show is performed in the Fall and a musical is performed in the Spring. Our Theatre Arts Director and our Technical Director carefully pick shows that best fit the talent of our students in order to give them the most opportunities.


The casts and crews of these plays work very hard and are incredibly determined to perform an amazing show! We always rehearse in the Drama room up until the week before the show. In that final week, we are finally able to rehearse in the theatre on the real set, adding in all the technical elements.


One of the things that Merritt Island is known for within our Theatre Arts Program is our incredible technical aspects. We spend a large amount of money on our shows so that we have fantastic sets, costumes, props, and sometimes pyrotechnics!


As you may know, all of our shows’ fundraising is completely up to the students! Our students are completely committed to this program and they have worked hard to make it successful. If you would like to help, please visit our GoFundMe site to donate!


The Director – Jenora Duprey

Jenora Duprey has been the Merritt Island Theatre Arts Director since 2004. Among her daily duties of teaching the theatre arts classes, she also runs the high school’s Fine Arts Academy, which is an academy for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the visual, performing or technical arts.


Mrs. Duprey loves seeing her students excited about their performances and the pride they take in their own work. She runs her theatre program with guidance, passion, and a love of showing students all of the possibilities in theatre. She thoroughly enjoys working with the Theatre Art students of MIHS, they keep her on her toes and she keeps them expanding on their talents.

“To be in my program, students must work hard, regardless of given talent, and have the passion for putting on the best show possible.”

Dedication, Talent, & Heart

Mrs. Duprey’s motto for the Theatre program is “Dedication, Talent, and Heart.” She believes that if her students portray all of these qualities that they will be successful. These qualities are very important especially when it comes to District and State Thespian competitions.  

Merritt Island High School is part of the International Thespian Society, so within our Theatre Arts Program we have a Thespian Troupe that the students can be inducted to. Our Thespian Troupe participates in the One Act Festival and the FL State Individual Event Assessment each year. This is a great way for students to get further experience in their field of interest, whether it is performing or technical arts.