da Vinci Academy

da Vinci Academy
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January 8, 2018 –   February 9, 2018

New and Renewal ELO and EPO Applications for Secondary Schools

(All Secondary Schools, except Edgewood, McNair, Stone, Palm Bay Magnet High and   West Shore)

TBD Frozen Schools -  schools NOT   available for an ELO

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“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” 
-Leonardo da Vinci


The Da Vinci Academy of Aerospace Technology is a four-year CHOICE academy - open to students from anywhere in Brevard County.


Students take five classes from the nationally-acclaimed Project-Lead-the-Way curriculum.  All classes are taken in labs where instruction is technically-driven and project-based.


Freshman: Introduction to Engineering Design

Sophomore: Principles of Engineering

Junior: Aerospace Engineering

Senior: Digital Electronics and Engineering Design and Development.


As well, students participate in grade-level cohorts - taking their engineering elective, English Honors and Science Honors - together in consecutive periods.  There is also a curriculum track where da Vinci students can take up to 11 Advanced Placement (AP) courses during their high school careers.


The academy provides many site visit opporunities to local aerospace and other engineering companies where students interact with engineers in their fields of discipline.  These include:



United Launch Alliance

Lockheed Martin


Craig Technologies

Harris Corporation



da Vinci also has relationships with major engineering universities, including Florida Tech, Embry-Riddle, UCF, and Eastern Florida.


In short, the Academy provides:

* A “school within a school” concept
* Rigorous and relevant career/college preparatory work
* Small learning community environment
* Interdisciplinary Curriculum with hands-on learning experiences
*Honors and Academic Programs with Teamed Teachers
*Career-site field trips
*Scholarship Opportunities with Individualized Counseling
*Professional Mentoring and Career Shadowing