Art Club

Advisor: Miss Sara Seich

Art Club is broken up into four, six-week sessions, with each session maxing out at fifteen students. Two sessions for fifth grade and two sessions for sixth. During that time the students create their own six week curriculum where as a group they decide different art concepts that we would like to explore as a group. During their six weeks they also construct their own sketchbooks and use them throughout the duration of their time. Entrance into Art Club is open to anyone willing to apply. All of the 60 names are drawn at random selection.

Director: Mr. Matt Holmberg

All band members have a small group lesson each week. Lessons take place during the school day. Band rehearsals take place after school. Any 5th or 6th grade student who participated in beginning band is welcome to join the Mill Pond Band.

Rough Writers Club 
Advisor: Ms. Lori Anzalone


Director: Miss Nicole Baldelli

The chorus program is open to all interested 5th and 6th graders and there are no auditions held. Chorus provides a wonderful music experience for children where they will learn the basics of reading, singing and performing music with a group.  Most importantly, the children will enjoy singing and learning in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere. Small ensemble rehearsals will take place during the school day, one time per 6- day cycle.   In addition, there will be one after school rehearsal held on Tuesdays  from 2:25-3:25.  All rehearsals are mandatory so that we may work to perform at our very best in both the December and May concerts.

Drama Club

Advisors: Mrs. Patricia  DiSabito, Mrs. Rhianna Mindas and Ms. Melissa Rauth

The Drama Club is for students who enjoy being part of a team.  We perform one play per year which includes all of our 6th grade students.  Students are invited to participate in all aspects of the production.  This includes performance, lights, scenery, props, special effects and publicity.  Rehearsals begin once all auditions are completed.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the cafeteria from 2:30 – 3:30.  Students may be picked up by their parents or take the late bus home.  All parents must report to the rear of the building to pick up their child.  All walkers MUST present a written note from their parents stating their permission to either of the drama advisors.  A written note from parents must also be presented to the advisors if a child is going home with someone other than their parents. Additional days and times are added as we get closer to the play performance date.   The Grade 6 play is performed each year  in late April or early May.

Intergenerational Club

Advisors: Mrs. Maureen Tyhanic

The Intergenerational Club is a district-wide club that brings together students from 4th grade through high school with members of the community. Together they participate in projects and activities that help bridge the gaps between the generations and foster a sense of community. Given that there are a large number of student members from Mill Pond, each member will be invited to attend at least two events.  An invitation will be sent to you through your homeroom that will include event details.  

Math Club

Advisors: Ms. DeNigris & Mrs. Nachman

Math Club is an educational club that is fun and exciting. The students work with manipulatives such as pattern blocks, geoboards and geometrical shapes, etc. The students also create and share higher level mathematical equations and problems. They work in the area of Pre-Algebra and Algebra. The students play games to reinforce skills: most favorite game is 24. The activities are planned to enrich the student's talents in Math and develop a Math appreciation.


Peer Mediation

Advisors: Ms. Nancy Coleman & Mrs. Carrie Hodgson

Mill Pond's Peer Mediators consist of 5th and 6th grade students who have been trained in the mediation process. We currently have 62 students in this program.

Mediations occur during the school day and are supervised by one of the club's advisors. Students help their peers resolve conflicts through the application of peaceful problem-solving techniques. Peer mediators participate in team-building activities to strengthen the group's goals. Aside from these after school activities, mediators are also invited to attend special trips to further promote team-building and mediation skills.


Proud Paws Club
Advisors: Mrs. Jackie Supsie and Ms. Lori Anzalone 


Click here to visit the Proud Paws Club


Science Club

Advisors:  Ms. Kerry DeNigris & Mrs. Tracey Gallagher

The Science Club is for students who enjoy science. The group spends time talking about ecology and recycling. Students will conduct hands-on experiments, as they investigate scientific principles. Science Club is a fun, energetic environment where students can explore, investigate, and discover science!  The club is open to all 5th and 6th graders. Fifth Grade students meet once a month, October through January and Sixth Grade students meet once a month February through May.

Chess Club

Advisors: Miss Jessica Shaffer

The goal of the Chess Club is to enhance and strengthen the student’s overall chess game. Tournament style chess boards, as well as computers, will be used to practice the game. Learning new strategies and playing against opponents with a wide variety of skills are different ways we work to better ourselves.  In Chess Club the motto is: "Win with grace, lose with dignity."


Technology Club

Advisor: Mr. Brad Wyman

The Technology Club is for any 5th or 6th grade student at Mill Pond interested in exploring various types of technology. Coding and many online websites as well as Google  APPS will be explored. All of the activities that are presented are free and can be used on any device that has internet connection.

The club meets Mondays in the technology room from 2:30-3:20 pm.