2018 Senior Celebration

2018 Senior Celebration
Picture representing 2018  Senior Celebration

 The Senior Celebration Committee organizes graduation week activities for the

Class of 2018


This nonprofit Committee will be planning fundraising activities to fund safe, alcohol, and drug-free activities for the MHS Senior Class of 2018. We will use this site and Community Pass to organize our fundraising efforts, as well as the activities of graduation week.  You can link to Community Pass here:
Please support these efforts whenever you can. If you want information concerning SC2018 or would like to get involved :) Please contact: 

Nicole Jordan at  seniorcelebration20172018@gmail.com


Events and information will be posted here as well as published in Highlights, the PTO's monthly newsletter. All order forms and dates can be found here to download.

Our committee thanks you for your support:


Nicole Jordan - Co-Chair

Wendy Beckerman - Co-Chair

Indu Batra - Co-Chair

Melissa Kanter - Co-Chair



Sheetal Muhlon - Co-Chair


Laurie Haber Goldberg - Treasurer