Edline FAQs

Edline FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Edline?
A:Edline is a safe and easy way for educators, parents, and students to share information. The faculty can use Edline to post assignments, class policies, links to websites, tests and assignments due dates and much more. Progress reports can be periodically uploaded for parents and students to review their progress in the class.


Q: How do I access Edline (parent or guardian)?
A: Fill in your Activation Code. You will receive 1 code for each child. If you receive several codes because you have several children, enter each code one after the other. Then you can view all your children’s information from the same login account. If you happen to receive the same code for the same child twice you do not have to enter it again. Click "Activate This Code" once you have entered all codes.

  • Follow the remaining steps to create your Edline Screen Name and Password. When asked if you already have an account, click "New Account" if this is your first time using Edline. If you already have an Edline account, click "Combine Accounts" to add this child to your existing account.
  • On the last account activation page, print the "Student/Parent Quick-Start Guide" so you can make the most of Edline. After this, you no longer need your Activation Code - you will always use your Screen Name and Password to access Edline. Don't share this information with anyone!

    Q: I have not received my Edline Activation code - How do I go about getting this code?
    A: If you do not receive your code by the dates mentioned above, please contact George Coates and make sure to include the full name of the student and ID number of the student, if a parent is requesting an account, the parent's full name must also be included in the request.


    Q: I have activated my account. Do I need to keep the activation code?
    A: No! You may recycle the activation paper - you will now access Edline using the screen name and password you created during the activation process.


    Q: I have forgotten my screen name and or password, what should I do?
    A: First try the link at Edline that will send your information to the email address that you provided during the activation process. If that does not work or you did not provide an email address you will need to contact George Coates with your child's full name and, if known, their ID number. Please let him know that you forgot your password.


    Q: My spouse and I are separated and we would like to be able to check grades, but through different accounts?
    A: Yes, it is very easy to create a second parent account for a student. If this is what you would like please contact George Coates with your child's full name and, if known, their ID number.


    Q: How often will grades be updated?
    A: Edline will be updated automatically each Friday night from a teacher's gradebook.


    Q: I do not see my question listed - where can I get more help?
    A: Read through the help at Edline or contact George Coates, Assistant Principal and Edline administrator . Be as specific as possible when describing your problem or request