Food and Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Services
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                           Our Vision

The vision of the Nassau County Food & Nutrition Services Department is to promote excellence in food & nutrition services for our students to equip them for successful student learning.


Our Mission
The mission of the Department of Food & Nutrition Services is to build a foundation for student learning by providing nutritious, high quality food choices that are attractive, reasonably priced, and served in a safe and courteous environment.
Our Core Values...Our Recipe for Success

2 cups of Teamwork

1 cup of Commitment

½ cup of Honesty

4 Tbsp of Integrity

2 tsp Flexibility

A pinch of Excellence

A dash of Service


Combine all ingredients with a gentle hand and a loving heart.  Enjoy!


Teamwork- We will value unity & respect and we believe we are stronger together. We will win when we work collaboratively as a team as opposed to working alone. We are a family. We will build our team around our common calling, trust, and mutual submission. We will NOT be about complaining, cynicism, gossip, suspicion or unhealthy comparisons. We value each person as a human being and treat everybody with courtesy and respect.


Commitment- We will value loyalty and commitment to the students, to our program and to each other. We will put aside our difference and stay committed to our cause.


Honesty- We value always telling the truth. We are committed to being proactive and honest in our communication, to making sure everyone knows what they need to know when they need to know it. We are intentional about extending grace and truth while protecting our relationships. We choose to not engage in the “meeting after the meeting” but rather say what needs to be said when given the chance. We will share complaints up and positives all around.


Integrity- We value the courage to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. We build integrity by doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. Maintaining our obligations to ensure compliance with all Federal and State Regulations and policies of the State Board of Education.


Flexibility- We think wet cement is better than hardened cement – we are a team that is willing to change. We do not repeat things because they worked. We do not believe “cut and paste” are methods that promote innovation and creativity. We are committed to continual learning and improvement.


Excellence- We will make the best use of all resources and opportunities placed in our hands.  We will do the very best with what we have, always striving to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. 


Service- We value service and dedication to first our customers-our students. We will serve our students, staff, coworkers and community with love and kindness. 


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 Meal Rates
Elementary Breakfast - $1.50
Elementary Lunch - $2.25
Middle/High Breakfast - $1.75
Middle/High Lunch - $2.75
Premium items available for $3.00
Reduced Price Breakfast - $0.30
Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40
View Menus and Nutrition information HERE!
To find out more information about the menu check out the What's on the Menu section of our website!
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SEPTEMBER WINNER: Christine Persinger


Food & Nutrition Services Employee of the Month Bio:

Top of your bucket list: To go to Ireland

Dream dinner guest: My husband

Favorite school lunch: Pizza

Favorite subject in school: English

What I like to do when I am not at work: Go to the gym

Short bio: Proud mother of 3 wonderful children. I have a loving family that support everything I do. I have parents that have been married for 50 years and set the best foundation for my family to grow from. I have been very blessed in life and in my work life. I thank everyone for everything they contribute in my life!