Newsletter Sept 20 2017

Newsletter - Sept. 20, 2017

Sept. 20, 2017

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter


Sept. 25         PCD – no classes

Sept. 29         Terry Fox Walk – starting at 2:20 pm

Oct. 3              Spaghetti & Meatball lunch- small $3.50; large $4.50

Oct. 9              Thanksgiving – no classe

Oct. 12            Perogie and ham lunch – small $3.50; large $4.50

Oct. 16            Division PD – no classes

Oct. 20            School Picture Day

Oct. 20            Lakeland College – Spend-a-day

Oct. 27            Magazine sales kickoff

Oct. 30          Student/parent/teacher interviews 4-7

Nov. 1             Student/parent/teacher interviews 4-7

Nov. 8             Picture retake day

Nov. 9             Remembrance Day Assembly 2:30 pm

Nov. 10           Grade 10-12 report cards home

Nov. 13           No classes

Nov. 24           Grade 1-9 report cards home

Nov. 27           PCD – no classes

Dec. 22          Last day of classes before Christmas Break


Caution!  Caution!

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students’ health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you. 




If anyone has any extra pumpkins, the Kindergarten class would love to have some!  Please call the school at 306-823-4313 if you have some to spare.



Neilburg Composite School is once again participating in the Terry Fox Walk/Run on the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 29.  The students are encouraged to collect pledges.  Any student bringing in a pledge will have their name entered into a draw to win a Terry Fox T-shirt.  Over the years Neilburg Composite School has raised almost $37,000 for the Terry Fox Fund!!

Elementary students will be given a pledge form.  Any grade 6-12 student wanting to collect pledges can get a pledge form at the office.

Please give your child an envelope or Ziploc bag to put cash and/or cheques in that they collect.  Once they have finished collecting pledges, please check that the information is entered clearly and that the money and pledges match.  Then you can send it to the school with your child.  The pledges have to be in no later than Friday, Sept. 29.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Cathy at the school office.

STUDENT REGISTRATION FORMS                                                                                                

The Division requires parents to fill out yearly registration forms for their students.  This ensures that we have the correct contact information for our families in the event of an emergency.  Also, to note any medical or other pertinent changes to info.    On the back of the forms are instructions on how to sign up for SchoolCash.  We encourage all parents to sign up for this time saving feature.  When you sign up you will also be notified of upcoming events for your child.  Thanks to all the parents who have returned their forms.  If you haven’t returned your forms, please do so as soon as possible.   Thank you!

STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                   

Parents please notify the school if your child is going to be absent.  Parents will receive an automated phone call for any unexcused absences.


Grade 12 parent meeting-Mrs. K.G.                                                                                   

There is a grade 12 parent meeting tonight at 7 pm in the Fine Arts room with Mrs.K.G.

The topics of discussion are how to help your gr.12 be a successful student, the cycle of a grade 12 student, learning styles, stress & depression, graduation and career field trips.

SRC News

The SRC will once again be doing their QSP magazine sales starting September 27 until after Thanksgiving.

Career Education    Open Houses/Try A trade                                                               

   September 22 University of Regina

September 29 University of Saskatchewan

October 18 Try A Trade in North Battleford

Oct.21 & 22 Lakeland College

Caps Copes Cops Career Testing for grade 11’s       Starting September 29

October 17 & 18 Brenda Knight discussions on CCC test results with each grade 11 family

ELEMENTARY COUPON BOOK SALES                                                                 

The K-5 students are once again selling the coupon books.  There are several local businesses with coupons again this year, which makes it a great way to support our community.  The cost of a coupon books is $25 and the school makes $10 for each book sold.  The money raised goes towards field trips, special events and treats for the K-5 students.

There are daily draws and a huge prize draw at the sales end.  The coupon books will be for sale starting Tuesday, Sept. 19th.  Each student will be given one coupon book to take home and sell.  If your family does NOT wish to sell or buy a coupon book, please contact the school.  Also, extra books are available at the school if you want to sell more than one.  Please send a note with your child or call the school to get more books sent home. 

If you do not have a student selling books and want to buy one, please contact a K-5 student or call the school at 306-823-4313.  If you are a NCS parent you can also purchase coupon books online at SchoolCash.

Thank you to the parents and the community for your great support!

SCHOOL BOOTH                                                                                                     

  The school booth is now stocked with lots of lunch and snack items as well as many items that are in our vending machine.  This year the elementary students are coming down to the booth shortly before the bell rings to purchase their lunch items.  Some of the things for sale are:                                                                

Milk – chocolate or white - $1.25 or $10 for a milk card with 8 milks                                 

 Bottled water or Juice cans $1.25 or boxes - .75                                                                       

Crispers or flavored popcorn $1.50                                                                           

Ice cream sandwiches beef jerky, corn nuts - $1.25                                                                

A variety of 50 cent items which changes as supplies are available – cookies, wagon wheels, crackers & cheese, puddings, bear paws, granola bars, cheese strings                                          

Subs – small $3.50 or large $5 or super size $6                                                            

KD and noodles soup cups $1.50                                                                                                

Frozen dinners or pizza pops$2                                                                                                  

Nachos and cheese $2.50                                                                                                            

Students from grade 6-12 are asked to help work in the booth.  All profits made go towards student field trips and other activities.                                                                 



Skating Registration will be held at the Neilburg Arena on Monday, Oct 2 at 7pm with a parents meeting to follow at 7:30pm.