November 5thNovember 9th

November 5th-November 9th




We covered chapter ten section one. I assigned the chapter ten packet.  Complete the first 4 pages and read the 5th page.  This is DUE TUESDAY THE 13TH.



Covered chapter ten section two.  ALL STUDENTS HAVE BEEN ASKED TO BRING AN ARTICLE ON PARENTING. This article must be from the past 5 years, have a defined author, and can be from a book, newspaper, magazine, or webpage.  It cannot however be from a site like wikipedia. 


Block day:

We covered chapter ten section three and watched a video on child development. The video can be found here; 


There will be a quiz over this video on Friday.  Students may bring a 3x5 index card with notes on it for the video. We also completed an in class project using the articles from yesterday.


HOMEWORK ASSIGNED:  Write a 2 paragraph paper about parenting styles discussed in class using the articles.  Attach the article when you turn in the paper. A typed paper is preferred.

First paragraph should discuss your current caregiver's/caregivers' style. Which styles of parenting do they utilize? From the article, what tips/information applies to your family? Has it changed over the years? etc. 

Second Paragraph is about your future parenting style.  What styles appeal to you? Why? What could you relate to from the article?  What styles/information from the article turned you away?  Why?



We took the video quiz today.  We also covered chapter ten section 4.  Most of the packets should be finished at this point.  Don't is due TUESDAY THE 13TH.


Have a great weekend!