My Teaching Philosophyx3a

My Teaching Philosophy:

My philosophy of teaching is be based on my belief that students need to understand they are partners in their learning process.  Learning should be student-centered.  My role as an educator involves taking my mastery and putting the proper and necessary resources into the hands of my students. My students will be well equipped to find and then evaluate the resources they need to find the answers to their own questions.  It is not my job to answer the questions for them, but to show them to the path that will lead to them discovering their own answers and guiding them along the way. Going beyond the concept of just presenting fundamental content with the lessons I teach, my objectives should be:

1.         to help my students embrace critical thinking skills;

2.         to have my students not just learn for today, but gather lifelong learning skills;

3.         to help my students understand and use evidence-based problem solving savvy;

4.         to endow my students to function as highly skilled learners.


  My teaching philosophy also encompasses that all my pedagogic activity should be guided by the principle, “Do whatever it takes to enable a student to learn.”  Students are different.  Therefore, teaching should be differentiated.  Some students are visual while others are hands-on.  Other students can just take notes while others need to draw pictures about what they are learning.  Every “trick” up my sleeve should be used while I am gathering together my lessons.  Perhaps this week it is a game or next week a song, “Do whatever it takes to enable my students to learn.”


I shall not forget that this profession is also about children.  I will provide a safe place for them where they know they have a voice.  I will remember that although standards drive my instruction, my demeanor should be driven by compassion.  There is always the chance a child may never be cared for unless I care for them.  I resolve that I can not necessarily change the world, but I can help change a young person’s life.  By leading my class with compassion and mercy, even when they pretend I am the enemy, I will do all I can to make sure my students know I care about them and their situations.  My classroom will be considered a haven from any outside force they feel is intruding on them.  My motto shall remain “I will do WHATEVER it takes to enable my children to learn.”