A Face on the Milk Carton study guide

A Face on the Milk Carton study guide


These are the questions that will be on the test. It will not be collected, but I strongly encourage the student to work on it .


Answer the following questions in complete sentences on the test.


1.  Define lactose intolerant and identify which character has this condition in the story.

2.  What information on the milk carton can Janie utilize to learn about the little girl who was kidnapped?

3.  Describe in detail one flashback that Janie experienced in the story.

4.  Who is Hannah and explain about her past?

5.  Janie questions her parents about which three things?

6.  What was the most painful decision Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had to make?

7.  What did Janie learn from visiting New Jersey at 114 Highview Avenue?

8.  Why did Janie compose a letter to the Springs family?

9.  Who called the Springs family and what was her motive for doing so?

10. How has this story changed or affected your life?


This event is part of a recurring series, every week on weekdays effective 09/26/2016 - 09/28/2016.