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Daily News


Week of December 11th-December 15th

Monday:  December 11th
  • Weekly Bible Verse:  "And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."  Isiah 9:6
  • OHA Families:  We will be celebrating with our OHA School Families today after 2nd Period.
  • Basketball:  OHA vs Victory Christian-Home-all 4 teams -begins at 4:00. 

Tuesday:  December 12th

  • Exams:  7th period exams will be given before regularly scheduled exams.  All exams will be given at the assigned time only.  Students only have to be at school during their exam.  If they are on campus during a non-exam time, they should be in the library.  
  • Congratulations:  To our OHA JH boys and girls and to our Varsity girls for their wins last night over Victory Christian!
  • K4-1st Grade:  Going to the Bryan Public library to watch Christmas movie and see Santa
  • All Students:  All students must attend this day except for seniors who are exempt.
  • Attention Play Cast:  There will be a reading of the play from 11:30-1:00.   If you cannot be present let Mrs. Stewart know.
  • Beauty Revue:  The Beauty Revue will be held January 22nd @ Center Stage.
  • Seniors:  The Mississippi Association of Supervisors Scholarship Application has arrived.  Applicants must have an immediate family member currently working for or retired from a Mississippi county to be eligible.  See Mrs. Dawkins for more information.
  • Basketball Chair Back Seats:  If you are interested in purchasing a chair back seat for the 2017-2018 basketball season, please call or text Loretta Milican @ 295-7505.  The cost remains at $150 per chair. 

Wednesday:  December 13th

  • Semester Exam Schedule:  Periods 1st & 4th exams are today. 7:55-9:35 First Exam - 9:35-10:00 Break - 10:00-11.20 Second Exam - 11:20 Dismissal  
  • Elementary:  Dismiss at 11:20 and can wear jeans and Christmas shirts

Thursday: December 14th

  • Semester Exam Schedule: Periods 2nd & 5th exams are today. 7:55-9:35 First Exam - 9:35-10:00 Break - 10:00-11.20 Second Exam - 11:20 Dismissal  
  • Exam Changes:  Several students have tested posititive for the flu and there may be others that have symptoms.

    I want to inform you of some minor changes to the exam procedures.

    1. Students who feel like they are prepared to take an exam are being allowed to take them earlier than what is listed on the exam schedule.

    2. On Thursday, students will be allowed to leave immediately after their 2nd period exam to go take their 5th period exam. If they have only a 5th period exam tomorrow, they may come at 7:55 to take that exam or wait until 10 a.m. 

    3. Friday Exams--We are allowing students who are ready to take Friday's exams to take them on Thursday morning once they have finished other tests. Otherwise, they may take their exams on Friday morning, preferably beginning at 7:55 a.m.

    4. If your child has the flu, they may take their exam after the holidays. If they have cold symptons, please have them see Dr. Davis if they come to take a test. We will give them the test away from other students.

    In short, we are using flexibility to let students finish their exams as quickly as possible. Most students and teachers do not like to have exams after the holidays. 

  • Elementary:  Dismiss at 11:20 and can wear jeans and Christmas shirts

Friday: December 15th

  • Semester Exam Schedule:  Periods 3rd & 6th exams are today.  7:55-9:35 First Exam - 9:35-10:00 Break - 10:00-11.20 Second Exam - 11:20 Dismissal  
  • Elementary:  Dismiss at 11:20 and can wear jeans and Christmas shirts
  • Basketball:  OHA vs Marshall - Away- 7th grade boys begin at 2:30 (JV, Varsity follows)

Saturday:  December 16th

  • Notice:  On December 28th East Webster Tournament
             OH Girls vs EWHS - 5:30
            OHA Boys vs EWHS-6:45
  • Notice:  Games for December 29-30 dependent on the results of these 2 games.
  • Notice:  December 18, 2017-January 3, 2018 (Teachers come on January 3; Students return on January 4)  Merry Christmas!

Sunday:  December 17th

 Important  Information 


  • All Students,Teachers & Parents:  If you are driving a car in the parking lot, please slow down and watch for children crossing in front of you.
  • All Students:  If you are going to check out during the day, be sure you bring a note or have a parent call in the morning, otherwise you will have to take the white sheet around for all your teachers to sign. If you are going to the doctors, please bring a doctors excuse back and give to Mrs. Foster.  If you miss with a doctors excuse it will not affect your exemption.
  • The deadline for Greece is fast approaching. Our price is only locked in until Sept. 1st.  After that date, the price will begin to increase, most likely each month, as we get closer to departure.
    Please let me know ASAP if anyone is still interested in going on this
    fabulous trip in March.
  • GREECE - Spring Break 2018 
    The final deadline is getting very close.  After November 15, 2017, anyone who wishes to enroll will have to pay the entire trip in full AND will owe a $145 late fee.   This will apply to students and adults.  Anyone who wishes to enroll after November 15, will be placed on a waiting list until it can be determined if space is available.   

    If you are still interested in traveling with us, you may do so by enrolling online through our tour website (www.eftours.com  -  Tour # 1926463FJ)  or over the phone at 1-800-665-5364
    Please contact me with any questions.   Vanessa_Miller@msnp.uscourts.gov   or  call/text (662) 369-1233   / 662-369-1103 (work)