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PTSA September Newsletter Article

Welcome Back To School! Doors are open, and we have seen kids wearing their finest back-to-school clothes streaming into the building for about 5 days already! At this point, we have held our Freshman Orientation at Parkville High School with a really nice turnout, and have hosted our first-ever Back-to-School Teacher Luncheon. We have a lot on our agenda, and most things center on the concept of continued growing of our PTSA, together with an increased level of celebrating our teachers and students.

Our Back-to-School Luncheon was fantastic! We hosted 132 members of the Parkville High School Faculty and staff who got together in the middle of the last day of work before work started for real on August 27 to break bread together, and just relax. I want to publicly thank the following folks for their help:

Dana Neill has contacts with Casa Mia, and she was able to get some incredible baked ziti, garlic bread and salad from them. This won rave reviews! Thanks Dana. Sandy Alexis brought three of her children, Abby, Sarah, and Erik to help out, and they really did a lot for us, from setting up tables with tablecloths and flowers to stacking chairs and setting them around the edges of the cafeteria afterwards. Sandy also went out and conducted an emergency pizza run because we were afraid we’d run out of food. Ray Masoudi, parent of a junior came to help set up tables, and arrange food as well as run damage control as we realized we had set things up in a slow kind of fashion! Thanks so much Ray! We also had four other students come and volunteer their time of their own volition – seniors Evan Buddenbohn, Kim Adkins, and Taylor Weber as well as Jodi Occhionero, a junior. We were able to feed the faculty and most of the extended staff as well. Leftovers were offered to our custodial staff, and frozen to be brought back into the teacher’s lounge on the first day of school! Personally I had fun after I stopped worrying about running out of food!

Next up – PTSA is selling parking tags for student drivers at school. We will be selling tags at lunches for the first week, and will then sell prior to school during the second week. Students will be cited for illegal parking if they do not have a parking tag hanging from their rear view mirror while parked on the school’s parking lots beginning on September 10. If you have time to donate even just one morning during that Labor Day shortened week, we would greatly appreciate your coming in to help us sell parking tags.

Our Post Prom Party committee is going to be selling their most popular fall mums in the first two weeks of September – they will be available for pick-up during Back-to-School night from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. This flower sale directly benefits the party of the year – Parkville High School’s Post Prom Party. Please consider buying your fall mums from us this year! Our Post Prom Committee’s first meeting of the school year will be on Monday, September 10, 2012 in the Guidance Conference Room.

Speaking of Back-to-School Night, our PTSA will be having a pot-luck dinner meeting on September 13 at 5:00 p.m. in the senior cafeteria. The PTSA will provide plates, cutlery, cups and ice, but you will need to bring your own drinks and a dish to share. Please consider coming – we will be talking about the membership incentives for this year, discussing possible fundraisers, and considering ways that we can be supportive of our students and teachers. After that brief meeting, we will have our first annual General Membership meeting and vote our budget into operation. We look forward to seeing you at this meeting – please come early to share a meal with us and get to know each other!

This promises to be a really exciting year. I encourage you parents the same way I encourage the students. Getting involved in your PTSA while your child is in high school is much like your high school student getting involved with after-school activities. Either way, your experience is enriched without a doubt. Volunteering with the PTSA gives you a ‘legitimate’ reason for being in the same school building that your child is in – whether it is to sell parking tags, to come for pot-luck meals, selling spirit wear at football games, or just attending a meeting. You will come away from Parkville High School with a better understanding of what goes on in your child’s school. And maybe even a new group of friends. You can “like” us on Facebook at if you are on Facebook.