Ax3a Videos used in class

A: Videos used in class

Video List for 2017-18 School Year – Mr. Yingling

Selected student and age appropriate segments from………

History Channel -  Last Stand of the 300, Ultimate Battles Series, Ancient Olympics, The Conquerers, Spartacus: Behind the Myth, Seven Wonders of Rome, Rome: Engineering the Impossible

Engineering an Empire-Greece, Greece: Age of Alexander, Carthage, The Maya, China, The Byzantine Empire

Twilight Zone Episode – The Obsolete Man

Discovery Channel Education – Empires of Early Africa, American Symbols, Living in Ancient Egypt, Buddhism, China Achievements, China Calligraphy, China Land and Animals, China Land and People, Early Man series, Great Egyptians series, Egyptology: Rosetta Stone, Discovery Atlas India and China, The Parthenon, Judaism: Sacred Symbols and Rituals, Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom, Roman-Jewish War, The Fall of Rome, Hinduism, Asoka

Biography Channel – Confucious

Journals through History – China, Sumer, Egypt, Rome

BBC – China Wildlife, Planet Egypt,

PBS – History of Dogs and Humans, Ray Mears: Wild Foods

United Learning –Dark Ages in Europe, Alexander the Great

National Geographic – Mr. Mummy, When Rome Ruled: Rise of Christianity

Animal Planet – Jeff Corwin Experience – India, Florida, California, Nepal

ABC – Stories from the Stone Age

NBC – The Odyssey Mini-series 1997 (segments edited by teacher)

The Kings: From Babylon to Bagdhad

Veterans Medal of Honor: In their own words