Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

Welcome to Sixth Grade with Mrs. Sheila Dillon and Mrs. Monica Nemeth!

We believe…

  • your child should enjoy school
  • our job is to help your child reach his/her potential
  • your child learns in a variety of ways
  • your child needs to experience success
  • your child needs life, social and academic skills
  • your child needs to know you expect him to do his/her best
  • you are the most important person in your child’s life




Language Arts:

  • Word Study
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary



  • 100 pages summarized in a journal each week
  • Skills and strategy instruction for reading comprehension
  • Use of a variety of literature



  • Everyday Math Series
  • Operations & Numeration, Geometry, Patterns, Functions & Algebra, Data & Chance, Measurement



  • FOSS series is used. Units covered: Variables, Environments, Solar Energy, Food & Nutrition, The Human Body


Social Studies:

  • Units covered: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, World Wars, World’s Fair



  • Please check your child’s assignment notebook regularly. The notebook helps your child keep track of daily assignments, homework, and tests.
  • Email is a great way to communicate as well. Updates and reminders will be sent via email as needed.  


Please call or email us with any questions or concerns.