School Counseling

School Counseling
Picture representing School Counseling

Mrs. Jodi Fuoti
Counseling Secretary


(757) 220-4070

Mrs. Bjork Jonasdottir
School Counseling Director
7th & 8th Grade Counselor

(757) 220-4099

Mrs. Andrea Ross
6th Grade Counselor

Mon., Tues., alt. Wed.

(757) 220-4579


Our School Counseling Department is busy with various activities.  We would like to share some of them with you, and invite you to call with any questions or concerns. 


During the year, various group counseling programs are offered to students at all grade levels. Such topics as those dealing with Changing Families, Stress/Anger Management, and Friendship are especially popular. Students in these groups generally meet once a week for a certain period of time to gain some insight and learn skills that will help them throughout life. 



Students encounter various problems that can affect their educational experience.  Counselors are here to help students with social/emotional issues to include personal crisis as well as academic counseling.


Classroom presentations are held on various guidance issues, such as learning to use peer mediation and other peaceful means of resolving conflict, managing stress and anger, getting along with peers, career exploration, and bullying.  Our anti-bullying program the Green Zone is explained.



School counselors work with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning.  They coordinate referrals to outside resources as needed for additional help.  They help parents, teachers, and administrators in learning how to meet the needs of all students.