Mr. Brian Mattix - Principal



      Phone: (302) - 992-5520 x 101



Primary Duties:  I supervise all staff and programming in the building.  I am responsible for maintaining a balanced budget that focuses resources on our needs in an equitable and strategic manner.  I maintain positive public relations with all stakeholder groups.







Dr. Mary Theresa Caputo-  Assistant Principal



      Phone: (302) - 992-5520 x 104


Primary Duties: As Assistant Principal of Academics, I lead McKean's Academic Initiatives in collaboration with the Guidance Department, Department Chairs, Lead Teachers, Testing Coordinators, and Teachers.


McKean Philosophy: I believe in the academic ability of all students. It is up to us, the educators, to find a way to reach our students. I take time to regularly speak with students to better understand their academic needs/viewpoints and then I advocate for those needs on a daily basis. We are building the foundation for students’ futures and I am committed to the daily detail of that work.






Mr. Reginald Worlds - Assistant Principal



      Phone: (302) - 992-5520 x 223



Primary Duties: Serves as supervisor of 11th and 12th grades and the Intervention, Support Services, and Guidance Teams.


McKean Philopsophy: Everyone has a special niche or purpose and we, at McKean, want to partner with you to explore, support, and complete the education needed to reach your goals.







Mrs. Jennifer Vosburgh - Assistant Principal



      Phone: (302) - 992-5520 x 240


Primary Duties:  Serves as supervisor of our Special Education department, and supervises discipline interventions for 9th and 10th graders and of students with disabilities.

McKean Philosopy: McKean High School is not a building, it's a community of learners and caring adults. McKean is a place that evolves each year to accommodate the unique needs for the young people in our area. Teenagers today have very different interests and needs than high school students from 5 or 10 years ago; it takes a skilled group of educators to meet national education standards                                                        while engaging and understanding the new generation of learners.