Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Further Resources for Internet Safety



  • Game Reviews: Several websites offer reviews of video games to help parents guide their  children’s choices. Common Sense provides information in the following categories: What Parents need to know, learning potential, user reviews, and game details. It also has a section called “What families can talk about” that gives discussion points for parents regarding the themes within the games (i.e.                Violence, drugs, language, etc.). PBS provides an explanation for game ratings and content descriptors, so parents can get a better understanding a game before purchasing. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ERSB, provides information about games ratings, age-appropriateness, and content.


  • Parental Controls:

All About Wii Parental Controls

Setting Parental Controls on the Nintendo DSi

Setting Parental Controls for iPhone


  • Family Media Agreements:

Common Sense Media provides separate Family Media Agreements according to the age of your child.


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Teens presents its contract as an Internet & Cell Phone Use Agreement.


  • Helpful Websites: