Family Media Management

Family Media Management

Part 4


The following video provides some general tips for managing your children's media consumption.



Discussion Questions


Elementary Secondary

Our games, phones, and computers are really fun to play with, but we need to set some rules on when we use them. What times do you think we should put them away? 

We need to set limits on our phones and games to make sure we are spending enough time with each other and doing our homework. What times do you think we should do without our phones?

On our computer and game system, we have decided to use special settings that allow you to see websites and chat with only people you know. Why do you think these are important?  

What are some other things you can do when we have the computer, phone and games turned off? 

Since these are important expectations for everyone in our family, what should the consequence be for not following them?

We have decided to use certain settings on your phone and computer that filter inappropriate content/language. Why is this important for our family?


For more information about parental controls and setting limits, see the additional resources page.


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