Internet Safety Course Overview

Internet Safety Course Overview


Part 1


Before discussing Internet Safety with your children, you may want to answer a few questions for yourself:


1.  What level of technology are you comfortable with your child using?


2.  What types of technological tools does your child already use, and which ones will he/she be using in the future?


You know your child best.  Some discussion questions for each part of the online course have been written differently to suit older students (listed as secondary, 6th-12th graders), and younger students (listed as elementary K-5). You may also want to begin any discussion about Internet Safety by reviewing your family’s rules and expectations for real life. The expectations you have for them online and on their phones should mirror the expectations you have in their real world life at home, school, and with friends.




The video describes creating a “heat consciousness”. What types of consciousnesses are you working on with your children?


Elementary Discussion Questions Secondary Discussion Questions
What types of digital tools do you like to play with at our house? What types of digital tools (or technology) do we use in our house?
What rules do we have to keep us safe when we use them? What rules do we have to stay safe when using these?






Video in Spanish


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