Introduction to Internet Safety for Parents

Introduction to Internet Safety for Parents


Welcome to the Parent Course for Internet Safety!


This course is available to you to help you work with your children to make sure they are safe online.  There are four sections to the course, each with a video and suggested discussion questions to talk over with your child.  At the bottom of each page on the course, you will see navigational buttons which will allow you to continue to the next section of the course or come back to this page. A copy of all discussion questions may be viewed before beginning the course here.  The video segments are available in Spanish on each page.  To view the discussion questions in Spanish, please click here.

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I.  Internet Safety Overview--Why do we need to teach kids about online safety?  Explore the rationale and importance of teaching children of all ages how to stay safe online.


II. Privacy and Security--Kids spend much of their waking life plugged in, whether they are on computers, smartphones, or other Internet-capable devices.  What can we do to help them manage and safeguard their private information?


III. Online Relationships: Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Gaming Cyberbullying--What should we consider when thinking about kids' interactions with others online?  How do we teach children to interact with others in appropriate ways?


IV. Family Media Management--Discover ideas for managing family technology and keeping it in balance.


V.  Additional Resources--This section includes links to websites and videos from outside information sources that can help you and your kids learn more about Internet Safety.