Online Relationships

Online Relationships

Part 3


Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Gaming




Additional Resources:



  • has an informative video for parents to shed light on this  disturbing trend The Truth about SextingNOTE: May not be appropriate for your children.


  • Along with social media, chat rooms, and texting, many kids are spending a great deal of time playing online games.  Getting the Most from Online Games, from gives an overview and some tips about helping keep kids safe while gaming.


Discussion Questions


Elementary or Secondary

How are relationships online or through text different than the ones you have in real life (face-to-face)?

Sometimes people say or post things to be funny or mean to intentionally hurt a person’s feelings. Since they are using technology to do this, they are could cyberbullies. Have you ever heard or seen anyone say or post something mean or hurtful? (If yes, question further to see if the situation has been handled.)

What should you do if you feel like you are being cyberbullied or if you see that someone else is a victim? Who could you talk to? (Help child brainstorm a few trusted adults.)

What if you post something that is hurtful or embarrassing to another person?


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