Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Part 2


The video describes a digital footprint. As a parent, do you fully understand what your digital footprint is?




Would you be comfortable sharing the comments and posts you make with your friends, boss, or children? Share the acronym, THINK, from the video with your children or post a reminder by the computer: Ask yourself before you post: is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?


    NOTE: Before discussing with kids, research their phones and favorite sites for the available parental controls.


      Elementary Discussion Questions Secondary Discussion Questions

      Did you know that every time we use our computer or cell phone, we leave little bits of information for others to see?These are called digital footprints.  What do you think people think of you because you like to visit that site?

      Do you know what a digital footprint is?

      What are some of the places you have visited online or comments you have posted that would show up in your digital footprint? Are they happy that these posts are visible to you, their friends, teachers, college boards, and future employers?

      Why do you need to think before you go places online or type things to friends?

      How could sharing things without thinking first be dangerous to us, our relationships, and our future school and jobs? Do you think the digital footprint you have created matches the kind of person you are? Why or why not?

      There are certain ways that parents can set limits/rules on your technology.  Why do you think we maywant to block parts of a game system or features on a phone?

      On your phone, there are certain ways that parents can set limits/rules on your technology called parental controls. These controls are important because they limit inappropriate content or access to apps that you are not old enough to use. EX: Why do you think it’s important for us to restrict certain apps, like YouTube, on your phone?


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