High School Summer Reading

Summer Reading Requirements

Students who will be in 9th-12th grade on-level English during the 2013-14 school year are required to read at least 1 summer reading book by 8/26/13.  Students may read any high school level book that they have not previously read.  Reading suggestions can be found on the list below, but students are not limited to the books on this list.  Students who will be in PreAP or AP English are required to select books according to their attendance area.  PreAP/AP requirements may be accessed here.  (PreAP/AP classes in areas other than English may have other reading requirements.  Please contact your campus and/or the subject area curriculum director for additional information.)





Summer Reading Suggestions


High School Suggestions Arranged by Author (PDF)


High School Suggestions Arranged by Title (PDF)


High School Suggestions Arranged by Genre (PDF)


High School Suggestions with Annotations (PDF)



Digital Book Trailers   


Not sure what book to read?  Digital book trailers for some of the reading suggestions will soon be accessible via the genre categories below.



Action/Adventure Nonfiction/Biography
Classics Realistic Fiction
Fantasy Science Fiction
Historical Fiction Supernatural