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Attendance Matters!

Students who attend high school at least 90% of the time do better when they start a career or enter college ( Research also shows that students who attend middle school consistently are much less likely to drop out of high school. Students who attend Kindergarten and Grade 1 regularly are much more likely to be reading at grade level by the end of Grade 2.


Here in RSU 63, we are monitoring attendance data closely, providing personalized early outreach to families, and recognizing good and improved attendance. We believe these steps are important in helping our students be successful.


“Chronically absent” students are those who miss 10% or more school days (no matter what the reason). Chronic absenteeism hurts.



When you review your child’s report card, please take a close look at their attendance information. Has your child missed 6 or more days during the first trimester? If so, they are considered chronically absent.   We definitely want students who are sick (vomiting, diarrhea, or a temperature over 100) to stay home and get the rest and care they need. However, if your child is not sick, we ask for your help in getting them to school. It makes a difference!


Thank you,



Susan M. Smith

RSU 63 Superintendent of Schools/

Director of Curriculum and Instruction