All about us

All about us:

Our classrooms are located in Reading Memorial High School (on the lower level) as well as two classrooms at the Wood End Elementary School.  All of our classrooms have access to an age-appropriate outside play space and equipment. As weather permits, we make every effort to get all students playing in the fresh air daily.



At RISE Preschool, we treat each child as an individual.  We offer a structured and well-planned curriculum that fosters learning through play, exploration and direct instruction through every sense and for different learning styles.  We have teachers with advanced training, and we have very low teacher turnover; as a result, we have strategies and a flexible set of tools to address children’s varying needs. 


Approximately half of the students in a classroom receive extra support for special needs.  A benefit of the integrated model is that specialists in all areas of child development spend time in each classroom.  This enriches the curriculum and provides all students with experiences that support   growth and development.


We have 7 preschool classrooms -- each staffed with a teaching team of three professionals -- a lead teacher (holding duel certification in general and special education) and two assistants (many of whom are also certified teachers). One of our classrooms provides a specialized environment for students with more specialized learning needs.